Could Ram Be Expanding Their Lineup? Only Time Will Tell

While the current Ram truck lineup in Wrightsville does offer a fantastic selection of vehicle options, many have pointed out that it is limited exclusively to large and full-size trucks.

And while those large, full-size trucks seem to be doing quite well–with the Ram 1500 leading the way as America’s fastest-growing favorite truck–Ram boss Mike Manley thinks maybe it’s not enough. And he wants to push the lineup even farther.

Motor Trend reports that Manley and his team are looking into the possibility of an all-new midsize truck, on an all-new platform. A unibody platform. The project hasn’t even begun to be greenlighted yet, because Ram currently has no such platform–however, it would be easy enough to borrow some tips and pointers from their friends at FIAT.

Who already produce a small unibody pickup truck called the FIAT Toro:

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