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Your next vehicle is a big investment. Buy exactly what you want and don’t sacrifice! Learn more about how placing an order can be the right move for you, the dealership, and the manufacturer.

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Custom orders give you exactly what you want!

Vehicles aren’t “one size fits all”. We stock popular options, but no dealership can have every possible combination on the lot. A custom order allows you to control many options such as exterior color, interior fabric, badging material, engine size, drivetrain systems, off-road capabilities, etc.

When it comes to learning about the vehicle options, manufacturer websites such as Jeep.com are a great starting point but, since these websites are meant to be simple, they don’t provide all the available options. Dealerships have access to options that aren’t listed online and can only be found through using a dealership vehicle configurator. Start your research online and speak with a knowledgeable sales rep to make sure you have built the perfect order.

Vehicle wait times have returned back to normal.

Custom orders spiked during COVID and, due to production issues and lack of available parts, wait times were high. For most vehicles, those issues have been resolved and production has returned. Our customer orders have arrived in 4-8 weeks, which is a standard expectation for anything built to order. Some vehicles may vary, and a sales representative can provide lead time expectations prior to placing your order.

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2023 chrysler 300 TOURING L

Car manufacturers don’t want to build the wrong vehicles anymore.

The automotive industry is changing — in a good way! Manufacturers are seeing the benefit of allowing customers to order what they want vs. compromising for what’s available on the lot. For decades, dealers and manufacturers had to guess what consumers wanted, which led to vehicles sitting until the perfect match came along. This was a lose-lose for everyone and the manufacturer is finally doing something about it. Vehicle inventory and options on dealership lots will be reduced, and ordering will be a large majority of our business. Specific options may also only be available for custom orders as well.

Ordering from a professional and knowledgeable sales team makes all the difference.

Our team at Susquehanna CDJR wants you to be happy with your purchase. You have wants and needs for your vehicle, and we don’t want this investment to start with a sacrifice. Our sales team has undergone intensive training for the manufacturer so they can provide you with all the information needed for you to leave with the perfect fit. We will never pressure you to buy off the lot to secure a sale for today. Waiting is worth it – for you and for us – to ensure you’re in love with your new car.

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