Susquehanna’s Transparent Pricing

REAL. What we show you is the real price.

What we show you is the real price.  There isn’t $1500 hidden in “Trade-In Bonus” or undisclosed transportation or preparation fees.  We don’t stack all the applicable incentives.  A common dealership practice is to include rebates such as Military Rebate, or Lease Cash, or Future Farmers of America Rebates; which allows them to advertise a falsely lower price.  Our incentives are up front and honest.  You’ll see they are clearly marked without all the fine print.

FAIR. Realistic pricing in the marketplace.

Our prices are fair, right up front.  We employ software bots that scour the internet to compare our pricing against the competition.  We constantly adjust our pricing to keep if fair in the marketplace.  So don’t be surprised if you see the price adjust either upward or downward by small amounts during your buying cycle.

SIMPLE. We have a no-haggle and stress-free car buying process.

We have a no-haggle and stress free process.  We hate haggling as much as you do and our Fair Pricing Process allows us to create a better buying process for you.  We don’t play games….we don’t need to!