What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4XE Charging in Nature

No matter if you’re on the hunt for a high-end model to show off around Red Lion or you’re looking to upgrade to a more fuel efficient model, electric cars are very beneficial to drive. With the rising popularity of electric cars and hybrid models, you’ll find plenty of Wrightsville drivers making the switch. Learn more about the environmental benefits of electric cars and more with our team at Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, then schedule a test drive in your favorite new model with our finance team. In the meantime, check out our online car-buying tips.



What to Do Before Buying an EV

  1. Prepare Your Garage: While more and more charging stations are being built, they’re not quite ubiquitous yet. If you’re making the switch to an EV, we recommend preparing your garage for a home charging station. Research your options and have your at-home system installed. Chances are, this will be your main method of EV charging.
  2. Find Local Charging Stations: Map out a list of charging stations from companies like PlugShare or Chargeway in addition to any brand-specific chargers you can use based on the particular EV you drive. It’s especially helpful to know where stations are when traveling long-distance, but knowing where local chargers are in a pinch can be very helpful as well.

Explore Incentives: EVs are often eligible for more incentives and tax credits than gasoline cars. In fact, you may be able to secure up to a $7,500 tax credit just by buying an electric car! 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The benefits of electric vehicles go beyond the obvious environmental benefits of electric cars. When it comes to the perks of driving an EV model, you’ll find that not only are these vehicles more eco-friendly, but they offer some of the newest technology upgrades as well. Other benefits of electric cars include:

  • Zero Emissions: There are plenty of environmental benefits of electric cars and one of them is the close to zero tailpipe emissions. Most electric cars don’t even have an exhaust system so exhaust emissions are not a byproduct of the vehicle running.
  • Renewable Energy: Another environmental benefit of electric cars is that they can use renewable energy. Electric cars are powered by electricity meaning they can take advantage of renewable resources such as solar, wind, or even water.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Full electric vehicles don’t require engine oil so there’s no need for oil changes. 
  • Quieter Drive: One major benefit of electric vehicles that most drivers instantly notice is the serene ride. Electric vehicles don’t necessarily have any engine noise so there’s less commotion in the cabin.
  • Performance: Car enthusiasts in York rejoice! Electric vehicles truly provide unbeatable performance. The electric motors are capable of producing near-instantaneous torque so you can still find thrill on your drives.

Learn More About Electric Cars Today at Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

Once you’re ready to experience the benefits of electric cars for yourself and your Lancaster commutes, get the financing process started with our team at Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.


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