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Buy Your Next Car Online in 30 Minutes or Less.

What is Susquehanna Auto doing to make the car buying process easier and safer for all of our customers and potential customers? Well, let’s go through the steps that will save you time and potentially many headaches throughout the car-buying process. It’s easy to buy a car online and completely at home with Susquehanna’s Fast Lane!

Start by Clicking Anywhere You See the Fast Lane Button!

Start Shopping Now! When you’re ready to start the process click on Fast Lane anywhere you see the button, it’s that easy!

Get Your Trade In Value

Just give us a little information and we’ll give you a trade appraisal in about a minute.

Get Your Payments

Explore your payment options and sales incentives.

Apply for Financing/Credit

It only takes a few minutes to Apply for Credit.

At Home Delivery

Ensure your address is correct for our At Home Delivery Service.

And that’s it, by utilizing Fast Lane you can save time, and complete the car buying process from the comfort of your own home! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat or by phone!