Magneti Marelli

Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is Eastern & Central PA's Magneti Marelli Warehouse Distributor.  We carry the largest selection of Magneti Marelli parts in the area, so that you have quality parts for your vehicle regardless of brand or make.  Below are a sampling of the Magneti Marelli parts in stock at Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Oil Filters
Magneti Marelli Oil Filters provide optimum protection for the engine, including a high efficiency media that absorbs and traps dirt and solid particles.  Following on OE trends, these premium filters-which meet OEfit and function_are smaller in height and diameter than many standard aftermarket filters, for easier storage and less inventory.

Cabin Air Filters
Magneti Marelli Cabin Air Filters feature a specially designed filter media that removes dust, pollen and airborne particles so you can breather easier.  With a fit and seal comparable to OE, these filters offer consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval.

Shocks & Struts
Magneti Marelli shocks are available in a twin tube and mono tube design to restore performance, which is critical to the electronic stability control function.  The high quality struts provide superior rider and handling that is a s good as OE.

Brake Pad Kits
the all-in-one-kit comes complete with all necessary stainless steel hardware for easier installation a d less vehicle downtime while also eliminating the possibility of premature wear-out due to work caliper hardware.  Available in semi-metallic and ceramic formulas these brakes provide excellent stopping power and superior braking performance.

Brake Rotors & Drums
Magneti Marelli provides full cast iron one-piece rotors and drums that are manufactured to OEM specifications.  These allow for quiet braking and eliminate vibration issues.

Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies

Manufactured to tight tolerances for minimal noise and longer life, Magneti Marelli Bearings are matched and feature premium hardened steel to provide enhanced strength, dimensional stability and outstanding performance. Magneti Marelli Hub Assemblies – also made from premium steel – feature superior seals to eliminate leaks and contamination. They are also designed to meet or exceed OEM requirements for fit, form and function and feature 100-percent tested ABS hardware for quiet operation and proper ABS signaling.

Water Pumps
The water pump is a critical component in your engine's cooling system. A proper functioning water pump ensures that the engine's coolant circulates properly throughout the cooling system. Magneti Marelli Water Pumps offer superior cooling performance and increased durability. They are 100 percent tested and quality ensured, and come with all the necessary components to get the job done right. Featuring all new, original equipment-quality components for proper fit and long-life performance, each pump includes heavy-duty unitized bearings, pressed-on hubs, precision machined housings, unitized seals and optimal impeller clearance.

Starters & Alternators

Find peace of mind when using Magneti Marelli Remanufactured Starters and Alternators. They are re-engineered based on lab durability testing to avoid potential OE components failure. Providing extended service life, these starters and alternators are supported by world-class extended warranty standards.

Spark Plugs
Unlike other iridium spark plugs, Magneti Marelli's high content iridium spark plugs combine a 360° continuous laser-welded iridium center electrode with a laser-welded ground electrode for unmatched OE quality, ultra-long life performance and increased durability. The fine wire iridium center electrode provides exceptional ignitability and extreme resistance to thermal shock that can occur in many of today's engines. The exclusive tapered laser-welded platinum ground electrode provides more area for flame growth. The nickel-plated housing offers superior resistance to corrosion and seizing. These plugs also feature factory set pre-gaps to ensure ease of installation.

The Right Choice in Parts

The Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar program offers a full line of repair and maintenance parts for all car makes and models.  featuring 26 product lines available for sale by Susquehanna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.  The products include:

  • Filters-oil, air, transmission & fuel
  • Brakes-pad kits, shoes, rotors & drums
  • Suspension-shocks & struts
  • Ignition-spark plugs, wire sets, & ignition coils
  • O2 sensors
  • Exhaust-mufflers, pipes & catalytic converters
  • Timing belts
  • Water pumps
  • Bulbs
  • Remanufactured starters & alternators
  • Window lift motors & assemblies
  • Wheel bearings & hub assemblies
  • Tie rods, ball joints and control arms
  • Steering pumps, steering gears, rack & pinion
  • Air conditioning compressors & components
  • More product launching regularly