CPOV Locate Program


Susquehanna Dodge will locate any Certified Dodge, Chrysler, or Jeep product based on your specifications.

All vehicles will include a 6 year/80,000 mile Warranty from original in-service date.  All vehicles will meet Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep strict Certification requirements which include a 125 point Inspection Process and Carfax Vehicle History Report.  The Carfax Vehicle History Report documents that the vehicle is clear of any prior title obligations, that there has been no severe damage, flood damage, or salvage, and insures that the vehicle is not a "Lemon Law" buy-back.  Click this link for additional information about what makes our Certified vehicles special.

Here's how it works...

1.  Complete a Susquehanna Dodge Specification sheet which will define the year and model to be located.  Define the mileage range of no less than 10,000 miles.  Select engine size and transmission requirements.  Select the basic equipment requirements (ie.  Leather, Sunroof, Power Equipment, etc.)  Select no less than three exterior colors and one or more interior color.

2.  Susquehanna Dodge will review the Certification Check Sheet to insure that there are  no misunderstandings about the vehicle condition and maintenance/mechanical requirements of the vehicle.

3.  Susquehanna Dodge will establish a sale price for the specified vehicle and trade value if applicable.

4.  Provide a $1,000 deposit for a term of 30 days to allow Susquehanna Dodge to locate and acquire your vehicle.  If Susquehanna Dodge is unable to find your vehicle within 30 days, your deposit will be refunded.

5.  Susquehanna Dodge will obtain financing if necessary.

6.  Once the vehicle is acquired by Susquehanna Dodge, it will go through the Certification processes.  If the vehicle passes certification, it will be reconditioned to the highest standards.

7.  You will be contacted and an appointment set for your inspection.  Your inspection will include verification that the vehicle meets the specifications defined on the specification sheet.  It will also include verification of Certification and the vehicle condition that meets Certification.  At your inspection a time will be scheduled for delivery of your vehicle.  Note:  Delivery must be taken within 5 days of this contact.

For more information about this program, or to begin the locate process, please contact us by clicking here or call us at 717-252-2412 and ask to speak with sales management.